SOOA Pricing Plans

A Pricing plan enables you to benefit discounted rates when you wish to book multiple courses.


For example like Painting the Seasons with Andrew Barrowman or Elements and Media with Sian Blunt, that offer developmental or sequential courses as an option.

When a series of,or rotating courses are available, you may not be able to make all the dates or may wish to begin at a different start date. You may wish to book nearer the time or reschedule your bookings as long as its at least 2 weeks prior to the course date, and has availability. 

To purchase a payment plan your need to sign up with an account and log in.




Here you can keep a record of your current bookings and can add more when you wish and as more dates become available. You can only book courses within your plan. e.g x 4 Painting the Seasons.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Paint Seasons x 4

    Discounted block booking x 4
    Valid for one year
    • 4 x Painting the Seasons Andrew Barrowman