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E art H Retreat

Immersive residential experience

Tying two beautiful and grounding courses together, this July 2022 we are offering exclusive camping in a fully equipped campsite within a stones throw from SOOA for 2 nights neighbouring a Neolithic Dolmen.


During our 2 day 'E art H Retreat' we will share earth inspired art practices, network and gather for food, conversations and campfires.


A grounding and earthy experience for all artists and creatives. 

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Copy of Programme - Feed-3.png

Join us as we start the 2 days with pigment foraging on the Cornish Coast, followed by a deep dive into the geological story of pigment formation, completing the day with practical processing techniques on Peter Wards 'Painting with Earth' course. 


We will then spend an evening around the campfire with an optional visit at sunset to the ancient neolithic dolmen neighbouring our exclusive campsite. 


On the second day will we climb Carn Brea and begin our experimental 'Earth Works' with Natalie Day returning for al fresco lunch and an afternoon of large scale art work creation as Natalie guides us using intuitive, collaborative and immersive processes incorporating earth pigments from the previous day. 

Our final evening will organically develop with options to continue to work or explore the locality with some local knowledge. We will round off with a social campfire and the sound of the owls. 

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